The event is organized by the club of the Berlin Decathlon Event LG NORD BERLIN in cooperation with the Berlin Sports Federation LSB and the Berlin Athletics Association BLV.

Competition rules and Organisation

Every man and woman older than 13 years can compete - if he or she is in sufficiently good health for sports.
The athletes will start in groups of  about 24 heptathletes during the two days competing in seven disciplines. The groupings for pole vault may be mixed due to differing starting heights.

There are six squads planned, and one for pentathlon women – which means that the maximum of participants is 164. Some squads with amateur athletes will experience alterations concerning their schedules but the schedule for professional athletes will remain unaltered.

In the entry fee there are included: Preparatory training, a final certificat, the result list, support during competition and a catering-package.

Registration and Results

The registration scenario as well as all results are offered by race result .

Certificates and result lists can be downloaded there.

Additional Ratings

We offer TEAM-ratings. All competitors may opt for the alternatives

'ROYAL COUPLE'-Rating:  woman and man - regardless of age - are rated together

TEAM-Rating:  groups of four are rated together; the lowest score will be deleted

'DIVIDED BY THREE':  One athlete starts in 3 disciplines, the others in 2

Squad Evaluation, seven Rating Classes (age-groups)

Our participants will receive certificates according to their score in their respective squad (regardless of their age-group).
For a total score, we distinguish between seven rating categories:

   Girls (2007 - 2010) - Women (1985 - 2006) - Senior women (40 years and older)
   Boys (2007 - 2010) - Men (1985 - 2006) - Senior men (40 years and older)
   LAO ("Profis", Girls/Women and Boys/Men/Seniors according to the "German Athletics Order" / IAAF-Rules)

At the end of the event the TOP 3 of each age-group will be honoured.
The final rankings of each rating class will be published online on our partner’s website race result.
The final certificates and the final rankings will be made available as downloads on this website.


General Information:

Ronny Mewis, +49 30-405 86 521, wettkampf(at)  or
Thomas Rohnstock, +49 30-404 79 54, rohni(at)

Entry Fees

The starting fee for lizenced athletes in squad 1 or 4 is € 35 until 30-11-2023 (teams pay € 110 for 4 athl.), for pentathlon (squad 7) it is € 28 until 30-11-2023.
A final certificate, support during the competition and a catering-package are included in the entry fee.

Further information on the fees can be found on the registration form on race result.