Results Indoor Heptathlon and Pentathlon 2022 and review 2019

Many thanks to all participants for your enthusiasm for our event.

These are the current results for 2022

The top performances for 2022 per age group will follow shortly.

For comparison, the results from March 2019.

The menu offers a very differentiated selection of lists, each of which you can download as a PDF.

The top performances of 2019 per age group can also be admired.

T-Shirt design series

Shirt 3 - shot put

Each year, a different discipline will be featured on the front with a different base color.
In 2023 it will be Pole Vault.

   We hope that you are interested!

Specials in 2023

For our event in march 2023 the following organising structures apply:

  • 6 Squads for Heptathlon
  • Squad 7 for Pentathlon women
  • Max. 24 athlets in each squad
  • choose for registration DLO = "Profis"
  • For "DLO" pole vault will start at 1,70m.