Registration for our "26th Int. Berlin Indoor Heptathlon" will start at the end of october on RaceResult.

Perspectives 2022

Dear friends of Multiple Events,

our 26th International Berlin Indoor-Heptathlon for "professionals" and "normal" athletes will take place on

March 12 and 13, 2022.

Female athletes, who want to avoid the difficult technic of Pole vault, can choose as alternative registration for Pentathlon!

We hope to see you in Berlin in march!

Specials in 2022

For our event in march 2022 the following organising structures apply:

  • 6 Squads for Heptathlon
  • Squad 7 for Pentathlon women
  • Max. 16 athlets in each squad
  • choose for registration DLO = "Profis"
  • For "DLO" pole vault will start at 1,70m.