Location of the 'Rudolf-Harbig-Halle' (RHH)

The Rudolf-Harbig-Halle (Berlin county athletics center of excellence) is situated in the west of Berlin at the corner Glockenturmstraße / Passenheimer Straße (in 14053 Berlin - vis-a-vis of 'Waldbühne' and Bell tower of Olympic stadium). The RHH belongs to the 'Horst-Korber-Sportscenter' with great sports complex including conference rooms and seminar hotel.


You can get to the RHH either by

    S-Bahn to 'Pichelsberg' and 5 min. walk 'Schirwindter Allee' and 'Passenheimer Straße' (always to the left)
    or by Bus M49 or X34 or X49 to 'Heerstraße/Scholzplatz' and a short walk of 7 min. towards 'Schirwindter Allee' and 'Passenheimer Straße'.