Offers of Berlin athletics clubs for amateur athletes

     Contact: Thomas Rohnstock (LG NORD/TF) - Tel: +49.30.4047954 - Fax: +49.30.40540969

In cooperation with the LSB Berlin LG NORD Berlin organizes an annual indoor heptathlon for max. 196 women, men and young people aged 14+ in March in the 'Rudolf-Harbig-Halle' (Berlin Athletics Training Centre, 200m track with Inflated curves). In summer the three clubs LG NORD Berlin, VfV Spandau and SV Preußen offer decathlon-events for everyone.

For Kids Pentathlon (organized according to the rules of german "New Children's Athletics") the LG Nord Berlin invites young athlets - aged 6 to 11 - in March to the "Sportforum" and in September to "Stadium Finsterwalder Str.".

Berlin Decathlon and Heptathlon Events in 2020

  • March 07/08, 2020  Berlin Indoor-Heptathlon, 'Rudolf-Harbig-Halle' near Bell-tower Olympic Stadium, 14053 Berlin, organised by LG NORD Berlin (this year with Pentathlon for women incl.)
  • March 21, 2020  Berlin Indoor-KIDs-Cup for 6-11aged, 'Rudolf-Harbig-Halle' near Bell-tower Olympic Stadium
  • April 25/26, 2020  Decathlon of SV Preußen in Sports Forum Hohenschoenhausen
  • August 29/30, 2020 Decathlon of VfV Spandau in Stadium Hakenfelde
  • September 19, 2020  NORD meets Masters - Seniors in team (by LG NORD Berlin), Stadium Finsterwalder Str.

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